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What is The Secret Supper Club about?
Ever dined in a dinghy or fancied a slap up meal on the side of a mountain? Olly proves the place you eat is just as important as whats on your plate as he hosts this new Channel 4 show. The show takes Olly on a mission around the UK to create a series of one-off suppers in some rather surprising locations, where the stunning surroundings inspire the food and the way it is cooked. This is a communal celebration of the places we live and the people who live there put a pin on the map anywhere in Britain and within 20 miles you have dozens of local producers supplying fantastic produce to the community. Olly is faced with a few challenges along the way and meets some fascinating people some of whom he will invite as guests to his Secret Supper, each week aiming to create a unique and unforgettable event. Will one of his guests then be inspired to take on the mantle and host a Secret Supper Club of their own?

Genre: Home and Garden

Season 1 of The Secret Supper Club

    Episode 1: Windmill  
    Episode 2: Forest  
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