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What is Blackstone about?
Intense, compelling and confrontational, Blackstone is an unmuted exploration of First Nations power and politics, unfolding over nine one-hour episodes. This raw, authentic drama tells the story of the fictional Blackstone First Nation, suffering disintegration by its own hand the result of the corruption of its Chief and Council. From within the community, a new generation of leaders rise up and fight to create lasting and substantial change.

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Blackstone

    Episode : Time's Up  

Season 2 of Blackstone

    Episode : 50/50  
    Episode : Hitchin'  
    Episode : Human  

Season 3 of Blackstone

Season 4 of Blackstone

    Episode : Sext Me  
    Episode : Discovery  

Season 5 of Blackstone

    Episode : Super Dad  
    Episode : Flat Line  
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