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What is Microsoap about?
Welcome to the Microsoap guide at TV Tome. Microsoap is based around Emily Parker and her brother Joe, who's parents are total opposites their mom like to Bungee Jump and eat Baked Beans out of cans, whereas their Dad arranges cans of soup in aphabetical order. So they divorce. Their mom meet a builder named Roger and Roger buys the house next door to the Parkers and knocks down the wall between the homes so it's just one big house where Roger, Mom, Emily, Joe and Rogers three children David, Felicity and Robbie can live in. Their Dad meets a theropist and he marries her. This Show aired on BBC-1 and Disney Channel UK. BBC-1 doesn't air Microsoap. Broadcast Schedule: Disney Channel: Disney Channel UK air Microsoap every night at 1.25 am FAQ Where are the cast now? Rebecca Hunter (Emily): After Microsoap Rebecca auditioned for "Star Street" which she got the role. The Show was about a band struggeling. In real-life a band was part of the audition. T

Actors: Shauna Shim, Steven Geller, Scott Hickman, Paul Terry, Albey Brookes, Jack Blumenau, Sarah Mogg, Lucy Evans, Rebecca Hunter, Jeff Rawle, Ivan Kaye, Richard Dixon, Lou Gish, Suzanne Burden, Ryan Cartwright, Charlie Hunnam

Season 1 of Microsoap

    Episode 1: Pilot  

Season 2 of Microsoap

Season 3 of Microsoap

Season 4 of Microsoap

    Episode 1: Scream 4  

Season 5 of Microsoap

Season 6 of Microsoap

    Episode 1: Coping  
    Episode 8: The Sale  

Season 7 of Microsoap

    Episode 1: Shake Up  
    Episode 7: Parp!  
    Episode 8: Fail  
    Episode 11: Smelly  

Season 8 of Microsoap

    Episode 4: The Baby  
    Episode 8: UFO  

Season 9 of Microsoap

Season 10 of Microsoap

    Episode 2: You Call  
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