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What is Frontiers of Construction about?
Each "Frontiers Of Construction" episode covers several major projects from around the world. The viewer is taken to an astonishing breadth of locations, and an array of difficult, challenging environments. Our cameras are present for one critical, defining moment - a giant Sikorsky helicopter manoeuvres a skyscraper's pinnacle into place; divers and ROVs make the final connection of an undersea wellhead; 50,000 kilos of TNT are triggered to blow the top off an island. These are moments of high drama, strong characters, teamwork, high risks and work of astonishing precision - all elements in a powerful, compelling hour of primetime television.

Genre: Documentary
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Season 1 of Frontiers of Construction

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Season 2 of Frontiers of Construction

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    Episode :   
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Season 3 of Frontiers of Construction

Season 5 of Frontiers of Construction

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