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What is dirtgirlworld about?
Animated series about dirtgirl and her friends, who live in a world full of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, vaudevillian trained chickens and performing stunt bugs.

Genre: Animation, Children

Season 1 of dirtgirlworld

    Episode 1: Morning  
    Episode 2: Grubby  
    Episode 3: Antics  
    Episode 4: Choice  
    Episode 5: Juice  
    Episode 6: Wild  
    Episode 7: Seeds  
    Episode 8: Hayman  
    Episode 9: Dig  
    Episode 11: Bees  
    Episode 12: Circles  
    Episode 13: Jam  
    Episode 14: Home  
    Episode 16: Balance  
    Episode 17: Swap  
    Episode 18: Windy  
    Episode 19: Slugs  
    Episode 20: Found  
    Episode 21: Leak  
    Episode 22: Harmony  
    Episode 23: Giants  
    Episode 24: Beach  
    Episode 26: Fungus  
    Episode 27: Apples  
    Episode 28: Wheels  
    Episode 29: Tools  
    Episode 35: Worms  
    Episode 38: Dream  
    Episode 39: Snug  
    Episode 40: Egg  
    Episode 42: Habitat  
    Episode 47: Trees  
    Episode 48: Arhhh  
    Episode 49: Rain  
    Episode 50: Water  
    Episode 51: Tall  
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