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What is Boblins about?
The Boblins are kind, loving, mischievous characters, who live in a land full of colour called Rainbows End, existing in harmony with nature and caring for the animals, plants and trees. The Boblins enjoy a life filled with fun and adventure where each new day brings a fresh chance for their personalities to shine. Each of the seven Boblins represents one of the seven colours of the rainbow, and possesses the characteristics and mood associated with their colour Bodkin (Blue) is calm and wise. He is the leader of the group. He is kind, generous and rather absent minded at times. He always tries to understand everyones point of view which sometimes makes it difficult to make decisions. Onny (Orange) is loving, kind and motherly. She helps everyone in a maternal, caring way. Her domain is the kitchen where she does all of the cooking. Yam Yam (Yellow) is always happy and sometimes over excitable. Unfortunately he get carried away with his bouncing, which can lead to some tricky situations. Yam Yam can always be relied upon to come up with a plan when one is needed! Gully (Green) is practical and hard working. She looks after the animals that live on the farm and is very interested in recycling and the environment. Gully is multilingual, a unique skill which none of the other Boblins share. She can talk to all the animals which can be very useful, and even talk to aliens! Pi (Violet) is very clever and a mine of information, however, he becomes a little haphazard at times and would rather make things up to hide the embarrassment of not knowing an answer. Pinny (Indigo) is very kind, creative, artistic and gentle and often paints pictures when she walks through the countryside. Ruddle (Red) can be a little grumpy at times, but in a very funny way. He loves to join in with the other Boblins but does not like to show that he is enjoying himself. He is practical, can fix anything and has his own workshop.

Genre: Children

Season 1 of Boblins

    Episode 2: Oddbot  
    Episode 3: Race Day  
    Episode 6: Kite  
    Episode 9: Robovac  
    Episode 11: Shrink  
    Episode 16: Gorilla  
    Episode 25: Unicow  

Season 2 of Boblins

    Episode 7: Honk  
    Episode 9: Cake  
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