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What is Rifftrax about?
RiffTrax are comedic MP3 tracks that you play in-sync with your favorite movies. Written and performed by the stars of the award-winning TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000, RiffTrax brings the unique humor of "Satellite of Love" partners Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett to Hollywood's hit movies. Season 1: Official Rifftrax Season 2: Rifftrax Presents Season 3: Shorts Season 4: iRiffs

Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Rifftrax

    Episode 6: Cocktail  
    Episode 7: xXx  
    Episode 9: X-Men  
    Episode 10: Top Gun  
    Episode 23: Troll 2  
    Episode 33: Eragon  
    Episode 34: Glitter  
    Episode 39: 300  
    Episode 46: Next  
    Episode 56: Beowulf  
    Episode 63: Memento  
    Episode 79: Jaws  
    Episode 93: Titanic  
    Episode 95: Maniac  
    Episode 101: Avatar  

Season 2 of Rifftrax

    Episode 6: Saw  
    Episode 7: Alien  
    Episode 12: Tron  
    Episode 13: Ghost  
    Episode 22: Jaws 3  

Season 3 of Rifftrax

    Episode 27: Shy Guy  

Season 4 of Rifftrax

    Episode 21: Hackers  
    Episode 22: Wanted  
    Episode 73: Jumper  
    Episode 310: WALL-E  
    Episode 480: Krull  
    Episode 569: Eraser  
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