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Top British chef Gary Rhodes embarks on the culinary adventure of his life as he heads off to vibrant India to discover the culinary secrets of this mystical subcontinent. Rhodes Across India, a 10 part series, is a tantalising celebration of Indian food in the year that India celebrates the 60th anniversary of independence.
Assisted by three apprentice chefs, each handpicked because of their passion for food and a connection to India, Garys odyssey takes him to Delhi, Goa, Mumbai and Jaipur. Charged with learning how to cook authentic Indian cuisine, Gary and his trusty apprentices explore the sights, sounds, smells and tastes indigenous to each of region. Their guides are well known local foodies who help them uncover each regions distinctive culinary identity through regional ingredients and specialised dishes.
Armed with this new found knowledge, Gary is put to the test as hes challenged to cook a particular dish, not just for the food expert but for an Indian dinner party where tough and discerning groups of people will decide if Gary and his team have grasped the subtleties of the local cuisine.
The series culminates with Gary and his three apprentices returning to the UK to cater for a major celebration banquet together, using knowledge and skills acquired on this trip of a lifetime. Will his Indian mission have been a success?

Genre: Home and Garden
Season 1
    Episode 2: Coastal  
    Episode 3: Punjabi  
    Episode 4: Mughali  
    Episode 5: Bengali  
    Episode 6: Gujarati  
    Episode 7: Parsee  
    Episode 8: Marwari  
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