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After retrieving Gabriel's Horn in the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Charlie B. Barkin, and his longtime friend/sidekick, Itchy Itchiford, become Guardian Angels, helping people and dogs alike on Earth, while being under the watchful eye of the Archangel Canine, Anabelle. When Charlie isn't on a mission, he's usually trying to think of new scams to get food and money, trying to make time with the lovely Irish Setter, Sasha LaFleur, or trying to stop his longtime enemy, Carface Caruthers and his sidekick, Killer, from ruining his, or his friends' day.

Actors: Dom DeLuise, Bebe Neuwirth, Charles Nelson Reilly, Steven Weber, Sheena Easton, Ernest Borgnine
Genre: Kids
Season 1 (watch here)
Season 2 (watch here)
Season 3 (watch here)
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