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In Ancient Camelhot, King Allfire and the Knights of the Square Table battle evil nights and protect there caslte. It's mainly based around Flicker, a bright young dragon who hopes to become a night one day. He serves as a squire to Sir Longelot. His name speaks for himself. And is in love with the beautiful yooung prinsess Flame (who loves him in return.) And it's just a bunch of fun filled adventures of the dragons from "Camelhot"!

Actors: Scott Wentworth, Juan Chioran, Aron Tager, Stephanie Morgenstern, Rick Waugh, Steven Sutcliffe, Richard Binstly, Edward Glen, John Stocker, Jonathan Koensgen, Cedric Smith, Suzanne Coy, Dan Hennessey
Season 1
Season 2
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