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Kevin Keene, a teenager from Northridge, California, and his dog Duke are brought to another universe called Videoland, where Nintendo video games are real, to defeat the evil villianess Mother Brain. Mother Brian is trying to conquer Videoland. Kevin has been brought to defeat her, as foretold in an ancient prophecy. Kevin is given the title "Captain N: The Game Master." He and Duke join the N Team consisting of Princess Lana (the ruler of Videoland), Simon Belmont (the hero from "Castlevania"), Mega Man, Kid Icarus, and later Gameboy (a supercomputer that looks like a Game Boy system). The N Team goes up against the evil Mother Brain (the villianess from "Metroid") and her minions King Hippo (from "Punch Out"), the Eggplant Wizard (from "Kid Icarus"), Dr. Wily (from "Mega Man") and Count Dracula (from "Castlevania"). The forces of good and evil go up against each other and often find themselves in comical, hilarious situations. The Characters: The Good Guys: Kevin Keen

Actors: Cynthia Preston, Babs Chula, Frank Welker, Long John Baldry, Gary Chalk, Shane Meier, Venus Terzo, Lee Jeffrey, Tomm Wright, Annabel Kershaw, Levi Stubbs, Violet Crumble, Mark Weatherly, Dorian Barag, Anthony Holland, Andrew Narados, Colin Meachum, Al Jorden, Alvin
Genre: Animation
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 1: Gameboy  
Season 3
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