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What is Bergerac about?
John Nettles plays D. S. Jim Bergerac, a recovering alcoholic, working for the fictional 'Bureau Des Etrangers' of the CID on the small island of Jersey, a British protectorate lying a stonesthrow from the coast of France. Although now divorced, Jim still maintains a strong relationship with his ex-father-in-law Charlie Hungerford (Terence Alexander), a slightly shady entrepreneur turned socialite with a finger in almost every pie, and a great source of information for a hard working detective

Actors: Louise Jameson, John Nettles, Sean Arnold, Terence Alexander, John Telfer, Nancy Mansfield, Therese Liotard, David Kershaw, Cecile Paoli, Charmaine Parsons, Celia Imrie, Annette Badland, Michael Mellinger, Deborah Grant

Season 1 of Bergerac

Season 2 of Bergerac

Season 3 of Bergerac

Season 4 of Bergerac

    Episode 6: Chrissie  

Season 5 of Bergerac

    Episode 8: Poison  

Season 6 of Bergerac

    Episode 4: Burnt  

Season 7 of Bergerac

Season 8 of Bergerac

    Episode 3: The Dig  

Season 9 of Bergerac

    Episode 8: Warriors  
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