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Watch Bergerac online: Episode 11 All for Love

Broken-hearted by a letter from his French girlfriend, Jim is back on the bottle but Charlie persuades Jim to accompany him to Bath as minder of a priceless painting. There he falls victim to the wiles of a woman who frames him for murder. Full recap: Jim receives a letter from French girlfriend Danielle informing him that she is marrying her neighbour in Provence, sending him straight back on the bottle. Hungerford decides that Jim should be kept busy and decides to invite him Bath as minder of a painting that he has acquired as payment of a debt. Whilst in Bath, Bergerac begins a love affair with Cressida Draper, wife of paintings/antiques collector Rupert Draper, the man who is helping Charlie to sell the painting on. She deliberately takes advantage of him because he is constantly drunk. When Rupert's shop in Jersey burns down and a body is found, Jim is suspected of his murder. Out on bail, Bergerac knows he has to stop drinking as well as his private investigations, and ex-wi

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