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Watch Bergerac online: Episode 1 Ninety Per Cent Proof

When he goes on a drunken bender after failing to have an arsonist he arrested convicted, no one believes Jim's claims of having been forced to drink and having witnessed a murder. Full recap: After trying to get an arsonist he knows is guilty convicted on court, and failing, Jim returns to his car to find an Irish woman named Irene Maybank waiting for him, claiming she is an alcoholic and that her husband is trying to kill her. So Bergerac goes along to the woman's flat to help her out. When he gets there, Irene says she can see her husband outside, so Bergerac goes down to check it out only to hear screams coming from her flat above. When he gets back to the flat, he finds her dead and looks around the flat only to be knocked out by the intruder. Later Charlie Hungerford sees Jim staggering around drunk in the hotel bar, and phones to get get somebody to come down and get him. When Barry Goddard arrives he finds that Jim has somehow managed to drive back home. Meanwhile Crozi

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