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Food Network is about to make another Star
Food Network's popular star-making series Food Network Star is all set to launch with a new season. Set to premiere June 1st at 9pm ET/PT, the show is full of intense culinary challenges that have been designed to put all of the 12 contestants to a test, to make it easier for the judges to decide which one of them has the most potential to really be a star, which one of them has the potential to become the next host of their own show on Food Network. As that's exactly what the competition is all about for the contestants - getting their own show on Food Network. This tenth season's contend... more
Chapter 25
Frank sets all of his final pieces in place and he needs just one person to help knock the dominoes down. ... more
The Deal
Everybody wants somebody to love or, you know, blackmail. ... more
Season 13, Finalists Perform
It's not officially "rock night," but inviting the band onto the stage means it amounts to roughly the same thing.... more
Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down
It's raining man problems in Nashville this week.... more
We Found Our Zombies
Tony gets cocky because his tribe is seeing some success, and it has long-reaching implications.... more
Birds of Prey
Helena Bertinelli comes back to town and causes trouble for everyone before failing to achieve any of her actual goals.... more
Earth Skills
While Abby risks hundreds of lives upstairs, the kids invent Freshman Poli Sci very, very slowly down below.... more
Dylan melts down; Caleb meets a new kind of Norma.... more
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Catherine Avery has some choice words for April; Callie and Derek take on the US government; Webber cuts a person out of another person.... more
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Poor James... that's no way for anyone to go.... more
While You Were Sleeping
Elena is ill. Damon wants to explain his kill. Stefan isn't chill.... more
Harrison Lee
Tom's secret comes out; an old hacker is bested; a monster builds a music box.... more
The Toll
That's Boyd's new nickname after this episode.... more
Chapter 23
Frank is almost caught in his web of lies, but finds a way out at the eleventh hour. ... more
Teacher’s Pet
This week, The Following drops bombshells like pennies from a ripped pocket.... more
Season 6, The Battles Continue
Usher has one steal left and the final pairings of the Battles Round 1 compete anticlimactically for it. Also, is there a place for crooners in this new millennium? ... more
New Directions
New Directions is no more, as Sue Sylvester finally shuts down The Glee Club for good just in time for most of its present members to graduate.... more
Mother’s Little Helper
Sam's investigation into a rash of weird murders leads him to an abandoned convent. Dean searches for Abaddon at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. ... more
Two Rivers
Henry still can't decide how he feels about Jacob, Caleb's probably a bank robber, and there's a new returnee.... more
A Little Night Music
"You're still alive, that's a good sign" and other motivational speeches. ... more
Aaron dreams that all is right with the world. It turns out to be fake, but at least we get to see Charlie shot in the head. ... more
Season 13, 12 Finalists Perform
The week's "Home" theme leads to a number of performances that might as well have been delivered from the singer's couch.... more
It's only the second episode and things already look grim. ... more
Enemy Of My Enemy
John makes French Toast for Stephen, then takes Astrid out for a train ride. Ultra cures Julian's nasty sinus infection. ... more
Guilty Street
Deacon heads out on the road where he is extra-faithful to Megan. She, in turn, bones Teddy in the back of her car. In other news, Highway 65 is in trouble, Liam is fired and Juliette may have found herself a new Nashville label.... more
The hapless Brains tribe finally gets some hap.... more
The Promise
In the flashbacks, Slade learns to blame Oliver for Shado's death. And in the modern timeline, he gets to see some valuable paintings.... more
Cover For Me
Mrs. D is her usual spellbinding self, Spencer recovers some real-or-not-real memories thanks to her hot new life coach, Hanna and Emily deal with some Paige and Mona realness and Aria has gone completely out of control (for Aria).... more
Season 6: The Blind Auditions Continue
More contestants who grew up in musical families and started singing in church audition, and Adam gets stingy with the button.... more
Wacky hijinks ensue when Dreamboat Blaine arranges an overnight lock-in at the school for a couple of his fellow seniors, Santana Lopez and Old Idiot Rachel continue to scream at each other, and Will Schuester is going to be some poor little bastard's father.... more
Le Grand Guignol
Marcel and Rebekah leave town in a hurry... and then hurry right back. An enfeebled and enraged Klaus catches up to them. ... more
Skye's life is saved, but Coulson, of all people, isn't sure about the price.... more
Whistle Past The Graveyard
It turns out it reads a little differently than we thought.... more
Just in case you hadn't gotten the point about Dean being a selfish ass who ruins Sam's life, the show brings in those "Ghostfacers" to reenact it for you in simpler, dumber terms.... more
Chapter 18
In the season's most convoluted episode yet, Frank prepares for battle with a new adversary.... more
It's only a few hours before their wedding, so Robin is watching movies in a hockey jersey and Barney is just getting around to picking out a suit. Idiots. ... more
The Blind Auditions Continue
Blake seems to be more of a bridesmaid than a bride in this round of auditions, and Usher pushes the button with his foot.... more
Gone But Not Forgotten
Four months after the latest murders, everybody is getting back to normal, if by "normal" you mean "crazy, as usual." Norma and Norman, yes of course, but the special prize for Most Crazy definitely goes to our shining superstar of the week, former popular girl Bradley Martin, who has some things she needs to get DONE.... more
The Judge
When Cooper and an old FBI crony end up in danger from an insane Amnesty International advocate, it's up to Red and an old Navy crony to save them. Meanwhile: Tom Keen finally goes there, and it's awesome and bonkers.... more
Women Tell All
Tonight, the women tell all about how Juan Pablo is a jerkwad.... more
Old Idiot Rachel's tiny little brain explodes when Peter Facinelli casts Santana Lopez as her Funny Girl understudy, while Make-A-Wish and Tina: Warrior Princess battle it out for valedictorian at the graduation ceremony I'm pretty sure we're never actually going to see. Oh, and Adam Lambert continues to be ridiculously charming, but you still can't make me care about his storyline.... more
The still-unrelated Winchesters deal with ghosts and demons while wearing pretty new coats. Castiel navigates the treacherous and boring waters of angel politics.... more
After You’ve Gone
Rust actually makes a very solid case for his conspiracy theory, leading Marty back into total revolution; the third molester is finally revealed.... more
Baby Bear’s Soup
Mark & Mallory are not exactly making Bopper proud like they planned to.... more
It's the Beth & Daryl show!... more
Level X
The previously mindless vectors have developed culture – and it is, of course, based on goo-swapping social interactions. And speaking of swapping bodily fluids, Julia finds out about Alan and Sarah. However, after the rap Hatake lays on her, her ex's extracurriculars are the least of her concerns.... more
Will tries convince everyone that Hannibal is a psychopath who spent a year gaslighting him. Nobody buys it.... more
No Exit
Damon hankers for a hunk o' Enzo and "Elena" and Stefan.... more
Royal Blood
Clarissa absconds with the wee princes, Evil Anne breaks out of jail and Lola takes a vacation to Paris, where she nails Francis. ... more
Back in the Saddle
Some teams never change, and it costs one of them the race.... more
Time of Death
A chronology-obsessed villain steals the skeleton key and blows up the Arrowlair while making Felicity doubt herself. And Laurel eventually decides to stop being the absolute worst person.... more
Brother’s Keeper
It's a family affair.... more
Ride, Sally, Ride
Sally announces her presidential run and Olivia is running Fitz's campaign. So not much could go wrong there, right?... more
Top 13 – Results Show
Time to find out which of the judges' favorites is America's least favorite.... more
Take It Back
Once a lot of relationships have blown up in spectacular fashion, years and years down the line, someone finally points out that all of the sex between residents and attendings is inappropriate and does something about it.... more
The One Percent Solution
Who blew up a meeting of some bankers and bureaucrats? Was it the evil CEO who's played by a recognizable guest star? The answer might surprise you!... more
Haunted Houses
Maggie blows everything up and it is beautiful; 2012 finds the Boys out of their interviews and ready to bring down the King In Yellow for good.... more
Fear and Loathing
Rachel and Miles team up with the Nevilles, Monroe and Connor fight to the death, and Aaron and Priscilla throw a monkey wrench into the nanotech.... more
She’s Come Undone
Spencer and Aria go crazy all over the place, while Paige and Hanna make some pretty impressive power plays of their own.... more
Chapter 17
Jackie proves she's no Frank Underwood, but she's just as effective as the former Whip when Frank is put out of commission thanks to an anthrax scare. ... more
Long Way Back From Hell
Genevieve the witch links Klaus's mind to Rebekah's so that he can experience his sister's treacherous flashbacks. Elijah tries to rescue them by taking off his shirt. ... more
Season 13, 13 Finalists Perform
Given a chance to tell us a little about themselves, the 13 finalists reveal a lot, which is that most of them just aren't that interesting.... more
Hot Girl with a Grudge
The contestants are divided into Brains, Brawn, and Beauty tribes, which was apparently mostly done so that Probst could more easily mock the nerds.... more
It’s another season of Soviet ghosts chasing American Pac-men ... more
They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore
Lamar is dead. Rayna is "fine." Juliette is on the verge of twang-free international superstardom. And Deacon has a band that you may recognize.... more
Madeline Pratt
Liz and Red hit the Embassy Ball, the FBI comes down hard on Cooper, and we meet the Blacklist's Irene Adler.... more
Chapter 16
Frank works tirelessly to get a risky bill passed while Claire reveals a huge secret on national television. ... more
Things Fall Apart
Stephen protects Astrid. Cara doles out punishment. Marla's secret is revealed. Cindy McLennan researches liver transplants.... more
Nina and Nicholas each take over a restaurant to prepare four-course menus in the final competition for the title of Top Chef.... more
Hollywood or Home
Hollywood Week is rebooted, and over a hundred contestants are simply booted.... more
Heir to the Demon
Sara's back in town and this time she's staying around! Unless her assassin ex-lover kills her first, that is.... more
The Purge
Something is sucking the life out of people, and it's not this show. Or at least not just this show.... more
Crescent City
Hayley invites her family to party away the night of the full moon. The witches attack the Original siblings, and Elijah is super pissed about it.... more
My Haunted Heart
Miranda almost comes back to life, but ends up in the arms of a Caleb Rivers doppelgänger instead, the Twins take their wet-eyed revenge on the Mayor's murderer, and then everything abruptly goes to hell.... more
Hot For Teacher
As Hanna's investigation into Spencer's addiction spills the Boardshorts secret early, and dangerously, Ezra abducts Aria and keeps her hostage in a cabin and she DOESN'T EVEN NOTICE.... more
Skye might die, while Mike Peterson might become something else.... more
Shot All To Hell
A lot of people die in Harlan (and elsewhere) this week.... more
Season 15, Episode 15
Not even the smooth sounds of Ruben Studdard could prepare us for the skeletal visage of our winner. ... more
It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right
Everything is falling apart, but then Juliette makes Avery pink macaroni and all is right with the world again. ... more
The digital effects editors get to have some fun with bad green screen and a floating Robin. ... more
Trust Me
Ryan lost Claire, but he sees a close second in Lily… until he learns that the world of romance is not so kind to him. ... more
Season 18, Episode 5
One girl goes on a date to (an) actual (cave called) Hell, while another decides she's going to create her own on-on-one date. ... more
His Last Vow
What does it take to make John Watson love you?... more
Run to You
The characters all struggle to let go and say goodbye to things and Carrie finds herself with few options. Remarkably, there are only two unnecessary subplots.... more
Season 4, Episode 5
Rose's jazz birthday party for Lord Grantham is a big hit. Her relationship with Jack Ross, not so much.... more
Single Strand
Balleseros's actions over the last four days begin to catch up with him, Sarah makes a move on Alan for all the wrong reasons, and Hatake's obsession with Julia gets even creepier. Fortunately, her hallucinations are on to him.... more
The Sign of Three
In which John and Mary marry and Sherlock makes the day, then ruins it, then saves it, brings us to tears and leaves the wedding early. Who does that?... more
Evil Anne plots to have Bash murdered while Henry's away in Rome. ... more
Along Came A Spider
Dillon returns, with some pretty horrible revelations in tow; Remy exonerates Mr. Springer at considerable personal cost; it turns out the Curse is transferable if you know who to ask; this lady has spiders crawling out of her damn face.... more
Season 13, Auditions #6
The auditions end in Omaha, as so many things do.... more
Dead Clade Walking
A murder from Holmes's cold files leads to a murder today. And there's a baby dinosaur!... more
The Devil Inside
Katherine seeks permanent ownership of Elena's body.... more
Sitting Ducks
Peter takes Marla and the boys camping. If you've been watching, Stephen is as immature as you'd expect. Elsewhere, John saves Astrid's life, which is still left in ruins thanks to being Stephen's friend.... more
Dance Back From the Grave
A witch named Papa Tunde is sacrificing vampires in order to gain their powers. Klaus tries to rally the troops against him, but finds that loyal minions are few and far between.... more
Bite Your Tongue
Spencer risks it all for the key to the puzzle; Hanna takes a trip to the dentist; Emily has possibly the worst night of her life.... more
Maui Wowie
The top three chefs arrive in Hawaii and are soon joined by the winner of Last Chance Kitchen for a Spam challenge and a "canoe crop" challenge to determine the final two.... more
Season 13, Auditions #5
Auditions in Salt Lake City reveal some fresh talent.... more
The Seven Wonders
There's a new Supreme in town and a stack of dead bodies littering Miss Robichaux's.... more
It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right
Everything is falling apart, but then Juliette makes Avery pink macaroni and all is right with the world again. ... more