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What is City Lights about?
'City Lights' is a forgotten Scottish sitcom which starred Gerard Kelly as hapless bank clerk Willie Melvin, he dreams of being a successful writer but never has any luck, he is always harassed by his domineering mother {Jan Wilson}, like Jim London from 'Up the Elephant and Round the Castle', he is also surrounded by some dodgy mates, his best friends are the accurately named Chancer {played by the excellent Andy Gray, from 'Naked Video'}, Tam {Iain McColl}, the lovelorn and none too bright Irene {Elaine C Smith, Mary from 'Rab C Nesbitt'}, work colleague Brian {Jonathan Watson} and McLelland {Dave Anderson} is the boss of the SSB {Strathclyde Savings Bank}, where Willie works, he is the bane of Willie's life. Tam and Chancer are market traders who trade in stolen gear. 'City Lights' is a funny sitcom that has sadly fallen off the face of the radar.

Genre: Comedy
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    Episode :   

Season 1 of City Lights

    Episode 1: Talent  
    Episode 3: Magazine  

Season 2 of City Lights

    Episode :   
    Episode 6: Fame  

Season 3 of City Lights

    Episode 5: Catch 23  

Season 4 of City Lights

Season 5 of City Lights

    Episode 3: Scandal  

Season 6 of City Lights

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