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This looks like a duplicate of and will be deleted in a few days. If this is a mistake please come by the forums and explain. Paul Hogan has only ever played one character: himself. It is this Paul Hogan character that has taken him from the scaffolds of the Harbour Bridge to the very top of Hollywood. Pauls television career began in 1971 when he appeared on New Faces as a blindfolded, tap dancing knife thrower. Fifteen years later his movie Crocodile Dundee was breaking box office records around the world. From runner-up in an amateur talent quest to writing, producing and starring in the most successful Australian film ever made! Paul Hogan was destined for stardom from the moment he greeted his first audience with a casual Gday. His weekly variety show on Channel Nine changed comedy in this country forever. Characters like Luigi the Unbelievable, Leo Wanker and Perc the Wino are firmly entrenched in our national psyche - and who could forget the come hither swing of Delvene Delaneys hips and the various misadventures of the hapless Strop. There are bottoms, boobs and beer aplenty this was a time when political correctness meant filling out a ballot form properly. With his footy socks, work shorts and broad Aussie accent, Paul Hogan revelled in being Australian and we loved him for it. More than two decades on, we still do. Anyhow . sit back and enjoy the very best of Paul Hogan.

Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of The Best Of The Paul Hogan Show

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