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What is Super Doll Licca-chan about?
Kayama Rika is a fourth grader with a Japanese mother and French father. Rika is also a princess of a hidden land where Doll Licca, Doll Izumi, and Doll Isamu came from, Doll Land. Whenever Rika is in trouble, Doll Licca is summoned by Nanae or is waked up by Licca's bracelet. Doll Licca is the guardian of Rika while Doll Isamu is the guardian of Dai and Doll Izumi is the guardian of Sumire. Super Doll Licca-chan is based on the Japanese Barbies made by TAKARA. Character Profiles Kayama Rika is a 4th grader in Saint Terejia Gakuen. However, she is also a princess of Doll Land, but she doesn't know it. Rika was given a bracelet, called "Calling Ring", that she wears all the time. When Rika gets in a dangerous situation, the bracelet rings, and sends a signal to her grandmother. Then Doll Licca comes to the rescue. Shinohara Sumire is Rika's best friend. She has a crush on Dai. Sumire's role in Doll L

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