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What is Pink about?
Natalie "Nate" Cross works for the government - any government that pays, that is. Technically, she's a subcontractor - like Haliburton, only with guns. She gets hired to hunt down scum and dispose of them - and she always gets her man. Always. Natalie loves the color pink. As in, "pink mist" (you can figure that one out). Her prison psychiatrist called her "unstable". Blame her dad, he was the dangerous one. Old School. Black Ops. And he always wanted a son (thats why he called her Nate). He taught her things like, how to skin a deer and how to fire a rifle. So please forgive Natalie for being a "little girl" in a woman's body, for wanting a childhood she never had, and for trying to walk away from The Life she was born and bred into. Prison was a haven for her after she quit, and she'd still be there if her biological clock hadn't started ringing. So she's back on contract, working The List.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama
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    Episode 12: DZP 214  
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