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What is Under The Canopy of Love about?
Because of a lost PDA, the lovely and childlike Fiona Ko Yat-Sze (Niki Chow) is brought together with her Prince Charming, a boy whom she had had a crush on since school days. Alan Shum Long (Kevin Cheng) is the Prince Charming, who, after graduation from school, lost touch with Sze. Their encounter takes place in a shopping mall, which is designed like a canopy. Meanwhile, Sze meets Nick Kuen Lik (Bosco Wong), who happens to be the long lost son of the rich owner of the mall. The simple and honest Nick starts to like Sze. Meanwhile another woman (Claire) falls for Long...

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Under The Canopy of Love

    Episode 1: ??  
    Episode 2: ??  
    Episode 3: ??  
    Episode 4: ??  
    Episode 5: ??  
    Episode 6: ??  
    Episode 7: ??  
    Episode 8: ??  
    Episode 9: ??  
    Episode 10: ??  
    Episode 11: ??  
    Episode 12: ??  
    Episode 13: ??  
    Episode 14: ??  
    Episode 15: ??  
    Episode 16: ??  
    Episode 17: ??  
    Episode 18: ??  
    Episode 19: ??  
    Episode 20: ???????  
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