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What is Mickey Mouse: Disney Animated Shorts about?
What can you say about Mickey Mouse that hasn't been written already? Someone once said that more people knew the name of Mickey Mouse than knew who the President of the United States was. Just the shape of his head alone is one of the most recognizable icons in American culture. And his presence on the movie screen forever changed a minor animation company into a world-wide entertainment power. Mickey's voice was done by Walt Disney himself until the mid 40's when he got too busy to keep up with it. The voice was then taken over by Jimmy McDonald, then a Disney sound-effects man. When Mickey's career was revived in the 80's, the torch was passed to Wayne Allwine, curiously enough, another Disney sound-effects man.

Genre: Animation, Children


Season 1 of Mickey Mouse: Disney Animated Shorts

    Episode :   
    Episode 81: On Ice  
    Episode 135: Story  
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