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What is Desmond's about?
Desmond's is centered around Desmond Ambrose played by Norman Beaton. Desmond owns a barber shop in Peckham, London which is a local gathering place for a group of West Indian immigrants. Little hairdressing gets done, as this is more a meeting place than a barber shop.

Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Desmond's

    Episode 6: Sad News  

Season 2 of Desmond's

    Episode 4: Veronica  
    Episode 6: Reunion  
    Episode 7: Porkpies  

Season 3 of Desmond's

    Episode 10: Dobbin  

Season 4 of Desmond's

    Episode 5: Calypso  
    Episode 6: The Kid  

Season 5 of Desmond's

Season 6 of Desmond's

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