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What is Knots Landing about?
Hoping to ride the crest of its success with Dallas, CBS spun off this series featuring the black sheep of the Ewing Family, Gary Ewing. Gary was a weakened reformed alcoholic who had deserted his wife Valene Ewing, and then remarried her and moved to Southern California to escape the formidable nature of life with the Ewings in Dallas. All the equals in this series lived on the same cul-de-sac in the quiet little community of Knots Landing. In addition to being neighbors, their lives intertwined in other ways. Gary worked for Sid Fairgate, owner of Knots Landing Motors, the local classic car dealership. Sid and his wife Karen Fairgate had three teenage children: Eric Fairgate, Michael Fairgate, and Diana Fairgate. The other two couples on the cul-de-sac were young recording executive Kenny Ward and his attractive wife, Ginger, and Richard and Laura Avery. Richard was an obnoxious, aggresive, unprincipled attorney who was always lusting after other women a

Actors: Nicollette Sheridan, William Devane, Kathleen Noone, Donna Mills, Lisa Hartman, Michelle Phillips, Stacy Galina, Alec Baldwin, Pat Petersen, Larry Riley, Claudia Lonow, Tonya Crowe, James Houghton, Michele Lee, Doug Sheehan, Constance McCashin, Joan Van Ark, Ted Shack
Genre: Drama


Season 1 of Knots Landing

    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 4: The Lie  

Season 2 of Knots Landing

    Episode 5: Kristin  
    Episode 10: Choices  
    Episode 12: Players  
    Episode 17: Designs  

Season 3 of Knots Landing

    Episode : Exposé  
    Episode : Night  
    Episode 7: Secrets  
    Episode 13: Reunion  
    Episode 14: Cricket  
    Episode 18: Expose  

Season 4 of Knots Landing

    Episode 2: Daniel  
    Episode 4: Svengali  

Season 5 of Knots Landing

    Episode 12: Denials  
    Episode 13: Witness  

Season 6 of Knots Landing

Season 7 of Knots Landing

Season 8 of Knots Landing

    Episode 3: Reunion  
    Episode 14: Gifts  
    Episode 27: Breakup  

Season 9 of Knots Landing

    Episode 8: Love In  

Season 10 of Knots Landing

    Episode 1: Suicidal  
    Episode 3: Deserted  

Season 11 of Knots Landing

Season 12 of Knots Landing

    Episode 3: God Will  
    Episode 5: What If?  
    Episode 14: Simmer  
    Episode 19: Bad Dog  

Season 13 of Knots Landing

    Episode 17: Denials  

Season 14 of Knots Landing

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