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What is Legend of the Demigods about?
Gwai Choi-Chi (Linda Chung) is seemingly an ordinary girl, except that luck seems to follow her and keep her out of trouble. As such, she has been nicknamed, Ho Choi Mui, or "Lucky Girl". Unknown to her, Choi-Chi's mother, Ho Choi Ma, is in fact a magical herb. When an evil spirit captures Choi-Chi, her mother's secret is revealed. In an attempt to save her, Ho Choi Ma turns Choi-Chi into a demigod. As a child, Shek Kam-Dong (Benny Chan) was constantly bullied. Wong Dai-Sin, a wish-granting god, pities Kam-Dong and grants him extraordinary strength. However, with his strength, Kam-Dong has turned from victim to bully. An Hei (Sunny Chan) has an unusual illness; he is constantly tired and falls asleep randomly. Wong Tai Sin again tries to help the mortals by giving An Hei a sword possessed by a spirit (Stephen Au). Whenever An Hei gets in trouble, the powerful spirit of swordplay appears and fights off his enemies. One day, an evil wizard (Halina Tam) disturbs their quiet village and captures Ho Choi-Ma. Together, Choi-Chi, Kam-Dong and An Hei travel across the continent to save Ho Choi-Ma, making strange and magicial discoveries along the way.

Season 1 of Legend of the Demigods

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