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What is Deepwater Black about?
In the future, a deadly and unstoppable virus has wiped out virtually all of mankind. In a last-ditch effort to save humanity, the ship Deepwater is launched, stocked with clones in cryogenic freeze who do not carry the virus. Its mission: stay in space until the virus has run its course, then return to Earth so the people on board can repopulate it. However, the plan is thrown off course when the ship's crew is awakened to deal with an unexpected danger. The six youngsters avert disaster, but then are forced to deal with the implications of who and what they are, and how they're going to complete their mission of bringing the Deepwater safely back to Earth and saving humanity from extinction.

Actors: Gordon Michael Woolvett, Nicole de Boer, Craig Kirkwood, Julie Khaner, Jason Cadieux, Sara Sahr, Kelli Taylor
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of Deepwater Black

    Episode 2: Lullaby  
    Episode 3: Legacy  
    Episode 5: Plague  
    Episode 6: Cycles  
    Episode 7: Refugee  
    Episode 8: Hunt  
    Episode 9: Fugue  
    Episode 10: Seige  
    Episode 11: Prime  
    Episode 13: Aurora  
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