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What is Pucca about?
"Pucca" is a TV series based on a Flash animation series published by Vooz Character Systems. It follows the trails and exploits of a South Korean girl named Pucca who is insanely in love with a prideful ninja named Garu. Meanwhile, Garu and Pucca help their town of Sooga Village out when evil ninjas attack, as well as diffuse a lot of the absurd situations that frequently plague the town. This show could best be described as a cleaned-up version of South Park meets Looney Tunes meets Naruto. There is some very subtly hidden adult humor; but most of the adult jokes would not go noticed by small children, who are the primary audience.

Actors: abitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar, Brian Drummond, Richard Newman, French Tickn
Genre: Animation, Children, Comedy, Fantasy
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Season 2 of Pucca

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