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What is scarred about?
Every scar has a story. And whether you think you'll laugh, cry or throw up, you know you're dying to know every gory detail! For every successful trick a skateboarder makes or jump a BMX biker completes, there's someone crashing down and shedding blood. That's why there's Scarred, a show that's almost too painful to watch. Inspired by the popular user-generated clips of collisions, wipeouts and accidents that permeate the Internet, Scarred is an intense look at some of the most gruesome scars from across the country. Each week, we'll track down makeshift stuntmen (and women) to find out what went wrong, what happened in the hospital and how they feel about being permanently Scarred. No matter what you see, though, do not attempt any of these bone-crunching, skin-splitting stunts under any circumstances. These aren't actors. There's no special effects or makeup department. This is no joke. These are real people, experiencing real pain and winding up with real scars. Think you've got the stomach for it? From broken bones to shredded skin to cracked teeth, Scarred shows you all kinds of injuries that'll make you squirm upon impact. These real-life risk takers share their stomach-turning "Scar Stories" about how even simple stunts can go horribly wrong. It's always mind-blowingly messed up! Watch as professional freestyle Motocross rider and Metal Mulisha member Brian Deegan tells the tale of a back flip that went seriously askew. After crashing into the ground, his body hit the handle bars and his stomach started to visibly fill up with blood. When he woke up in the hospital, he had 50 staples in his stomach and now has a scar he refers to as his "zipper." Gross! See how one night skateboarder Josh Ragle tried to ollie over a chain in a parking lot. It was a basic move he had done dozens of times. But it only took one wrong move for his board to clip the chain and his leg to get wrapped around it, snapping his femur in half. When he looked down, his leg was facing backwards. He had to have a metal rod and screws placed inside his leg, and 45 staples were required to stitch him up. He now has a 15-inch scar. Gnarly! Relive how quad racer Kara Corn celebrated her 21st birthday by entering a race, without knowing that her bike had been damaged the night before. During the race, her bike went haywire and flipped over, landing on top of her. Luck was on her side, though, and she walked away with "just" a mangled wrist and two circular scars. Intense! Yes, every scar has a story, and it's usually not pretty. Think you can handle being Scarred?

Actors: acoby Shadd
Genre: Reality

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