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What is Three about?
Three is all about three con artists - Jonathon Vance(Edward Atterton) - an expert jewel thief - , Marcus Miller(Bumper Robinson) - an expert computer hacker - , and Amanda Webb(Julie Bowen) - expert oh... specialist. These three are the best at what they do. They are all wanted on different charges and they are invited to meet with The Man(David Warner) and when they arrive they are informed that they are now working for The Organization. If they decide not to cooperate, they will be turned over to the mercies of the law. They are to work as a team and are at the beck and call of the Organization. Given the choice of their half freedom and imprisonment, they all decide to cooperate and work for The Man.

Actors: Julie Bowen, David Warner, Edward Atterton, Bumper Robinson

Season 1 of Three

    Episode 2: Hope  
    Episode 5: Avatar  
    Episode 6: The Item  
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