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What is Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo about?
In the distant future, because of an interplanetery war that has continued on for centuries, the civilizations were ruined. Human beings have lost everything, and only 1/5th of the population survived. Pseudo-human, The Third, is said to have appeared just after the war. They have red pupils called Space Eyes. Using them, they can control computer systems and so on, and rule the world by their superior power. In this world, there is a girl, Honoka; She is a jack-of-all-trades, and she accepts any order except murder. One day, she happens to find a young Ikus in the desert. When she accepts the order from him, her great adventure begins.

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Aoi Hitomi no Shoujo

    Episode 9: Paifuu  
    Episode 18: Invoke  
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