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What is Star Ocean EX about?
In an endless sea of stars, at the edge of the universe, a single fateful encounter is about to take place. For the gods have set forth on a quest to destroy the universe. And a deadly meteorite, which they hurled into the vastness of space, has collided with an unsuspecting planet, Expel - putting the wheels of fate into motion. Now, two people are about to cross paths, and their meeting will force them to endure both the gods and their devilish advisors

Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation
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Season 1 of Star Ocean EX

    Episode 5: Kuhazan  
    Episode 8: Teardrop  
    Episode 9: Harley  
    Episode 12: Metox  
    Episode 13: Rampage  
    Episode 14: Lacour  
    Episode 16: Leon  
    Episode 17: Ruins  
    Episode 20: Faith  
    Episode 21: Reunion  
    Episode 22: Friends  
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