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After saving her life, Rena takes Claude to her village, Arlia, where she has him wait at the church for her to get the town elder. As he waits, he sees that the church's stained gass windows tell the story of the warrior of light. Rena comes to get Claude soon and takes him back to her house. He has dinner then Rena shows him to his room. As they sit on his bed, it begins to rain and she begins to stare at him and mutters that she "has been waiting all this time". Embarrased, Rena leaves and Claude decides to take a nap. Claude dreams that his father comes to save him, but refuses to help. He tells Claude that the only one that can save him now is himself. Claude wakes to find someone in his room. This person attacks, but Claude just dodges. Rena tells the man to stop. It is the town elder, Regis, that has attacked Claude, but he tells Claude that he had to be sure that Rena was right about Claude being the Warrior of Light, and now he is. Regis tells Claude more about the disasters that have ben happening on Expel and about what his mission is. Claude, however, insists that he is not the Warrior of Light. He just wants to go home. Not being able to change Claude's mind, the elder tells Claude that he can stay at his house for the night then should go to Salva, a town to the north, where he can find more information. The elder also gives Claude a sword with which he can protect himself. The next day in Salva Claude saves a girl named Yuki from several thugs. She tells him that they work for the mayor's son, Alen, who is childhood crush of Rena. Alen came through earlier saying that he and Rena would be married that day. Claude runs back to Arlia, but on the way meets Alen, who has kidnapped Rena and is taking her back to his mansion in Salva. Rena's crecent moon hairpiece falls off near Claude and he takes it and goes to save Rena.

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