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What is Puppets Who Kill about?
Puppets Who Kill is a live-action 30 minute comedy series. The show is about a half-way house for very bad puppets. Puppets who lie - Puppets who cheat - Puppets who have no respect for anything - Puppets who kill. The 13 episode series is centred around 4 felonious puppets who've commited crimes and now live with their bumbling social worker Dan Barlow. They live with him in hopes they can some day be re-integrated into society, although it won't be easy, they are conniving, bitter, self centered and dangerous... They are the anti - muppets.

Actors: Dan Redican, James Rankin, Gord Robertson, Bob Martin, Bruce Hunter
Genre: Comedy


Season 1 of Puppets Who Kill

    Episode : Pilot  

Season 2 of Puppets Who Kill

    Episode 6: Dead Ted  

Season 3 of Puppets Who Kill

Season 4 of Puppets Who Kill

    Episode 3: Mr. Big  
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