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What is The Ripping Friends about?
Welcome to the The Ripping Friends guide at TV Tome. From John K., the creator of Ren & Stimpy come the brawniest crime-fighters of all time, The Ripping Friends! Their mission: to "Rip," or destroy anything that stands in the way of freedom and justice. The group spends their days in hardcore physical training to fight evil. In fact, they intend to become the most powerful crime fighters in the known universe. They've honed their natural gifts of strength, agility, and craftiness to an amazing degree, but some criminals still choose to challenge them! They were somewhat inspired by Powdered Toast Man from the earlier Ren and Stimpy episodes. The show originally aired on Fox Kids (Previously 'Fox Box' and now '4KidsTv') on Saturday Mornings, but it was later moved to Cartoon Network to be featured on Adult Swim on Sunday nights. Characters Crag: The Team's leader. Older and wiser, Crag is the one who gets the assignments and chooses the best men for the job.

Actors: Miriam McDonald, Mermie Mandeair, Mark Dailey, Michael Kerr, Mike MacDonald, Harvey Atkin, Kevin Michael Richardson, Phil LaMarr

Season 1 of The Ripping Friends

    Episode 3: Frictor  
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