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What is Comedy Lab about?
Comedy Lab, Channel 4's unique comedy showcase that unearths the stars of the future, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new eight-part series. Talent previously uncovered by Comedy Lab includes Peter Kay, Jimmy Carr, Dom Joly and Russell Brand. Karl Pilkington is best known for the world-record-breaking podcasts that he does with friends Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Comedy Lab

Season 2 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 5: Vent  
    Episode 8: Whatever  

Season 3 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 1: 3anusPIE  
    Episode 3: The Earl  
    Episode 9: Anderson  
    Episode 12: Meat  

Season 4 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 2: Orcadia  

Season 5 of Comedy Lab

Season 6 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 1: 12:21  
    Episode 6: Chancers  

Season 7 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 2: Speeding  
    Episode 4: Whatever  
    Episode 5: Blackout  
    Episode 8: Tatoo  

Season 8 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 4: FM  
    Episode 8: Slap  

Season 9 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 6: Blowout  

Season 10 of Comedy Lab

Season 11 of Comedy Lab

    Episode 1: iCandy  
    Episode 5: Filth  
    Episode 7: Hung Out  

Season 12 of Comedy Lab

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