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What is Concentration about?
Welcome to the Concentration guide at TV Tome. Game show producers Jack Barry and Dan Enright created this classic game show, based on the children's matching memory game. The first match aired on August 25-29, 1958, but it seemed doomed when Barry and Enright (because of their roles in the fast-unfolding Quiz Show Scandals) were forced to relinquish their ownership of the game. However, NBC-TV took over production and the rest is history. 2 contestants, including a returning champion, competed to solve a rebus hidden beneath a board of 30 numbers (1-30). The board itself concealed the names of prizes(good or joke),wild cards and other action cards (described below). Each player in turn, called out a pair of numbers. No match gave his/her opponent control of the board, but a match gave whatever prize was printed on the card or allowed him/her to perform an action. It also revealed to pieces of the rebus (identifying a person, phrase, place, thing, etc.); the player could try

Actors: Ed McMahon, Johnny Olson, Gene Wood, Liz Gardner, Jim Lucas, Paola Diva, Art James, Bob Clayton, Jack Barry, Hugh Downs, Jack Narz

Season 1 of Concentration

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