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What is Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher about?
Welcome to the Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher guide at TV Tome. Drawing on their own experiences as former New York teachers, executive producers Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler created this comedy about the crazy world of teaching in the '90s. Nick Freno is an out-of-work actor who tries substitute teaching to help pay the bills while he waits for his "big break."An animated performer and natural comedian, Nick seems like the perfect candidate to corral a spirited class of sixth-graders. At least that's what his friend Mezz, the school's unconventional science teacher, thinks. Nick's wacky, outrageous sense of humor makes him a big hit with his students. There's Tyler, the pretentious ringleader; Jared, his wisecracking buddy; Orlando, a new kid from an immigrant family who challenges Tyler's leadership; and Sarah, the class "brain" who just wants to fit in. The job of teacher turns out to be much more than Nick bargained for, and he quickly learns that the sixt

Actors: Portia de Rossi, Mila Kunis, Cara DeLizia, Arjay Smith, Christina Vidal, Kyle Gibson, Andrew Levitas, Mitch Mullany, Clint Jackson, Melinda Williams, Ross Malinger, Estelle Harris, Jonathan Hernandez, Giuseppe Andrews, Jane Sibbett, Charles Cyphers, Blake Heron, Stuart

Season 1 of Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher

    Episode 1: Cheap-Os  

Season 2 of Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher

    Episode 5: MC 2  
    Episode 7: Dr. Love  
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