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Watch Nick Freno Licensed Teacher online: Episode 21 Dome Alone

Due to his relatively new relationship with Samantha, Nick neglects Mezz. First, he fails to help Mezz construct a biosphere on the roof of the school. The large, enclosed ecological system is intended to simulate nature in a controlled environment, and all the students and teachers participate in the experiment. Then, Nick forgets to meet Mezz at a basketball game, and Mezz gets sick from waiting for him in the rain. Meanwhile, when Nick pairs his students for ecological projects, Sophia and Jordan make clothes from recycled garbage and Marco surprises Tasha by constructing a solar-powered model car. When Nick, Mezz and a claustrophobic Emerson get locked overnight in the biosphere, Nick and Mezz reconcile, and Nick promises to balance his time between Samantha and Mezz.

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