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What is Riverworld about?
In the year 2009, a meteor shower above Earth claims the life of astronaut Jeff Hale (Brad Johnson of the Left Behind movies, Steven Spielberg's Always and TV's Soldier of Fortune, Inc.). He awakens in an ocean of jade-green geodesic bubbles, as a mysterious cloaked figure pierces him with a pike. Dazed and in pain, he soon finds himself crawling onto a beach littered with canisters of clothing. Soon dozens of people from different lands and eras emerge from the water. Remarkably, they understand each other's language all except for the lone Neanderthal man, who is killed by the ancient Roman Lucius Domitus Ahenobarbus (Jonathan Cake, First Knight), who became infamous under another name.... Suddenly: hoofbeats! The warlord Valdemar (the late Kevin Smith of Hercules:The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess,in his final role) thunders in with an army, to announce that he is the ruler of Riverworld and that the newcomers are to be soldiers, workers or slaves. Soon Hale and a b

Season 1 of Riverworld

    Episode 1: Pilot  
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