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What is Commando On the Front Line about?
The Royal Marine Commandos are Britains elite front line troops, currently fighting a vicious war in Afghanistan. Part of the Royal Navy, they are specialists in expeditionary warfare and have a fearsome reputation, bonded and toughened by a training regime that breaks all but the best. With unprecedented access to this highly respected military force, Commando: On The Front Line provides an insight into the making of a Royal Marine Commando through the gruelling eight-month training regime. The series also follows successful recruits onto the front line in Afghanistan. During this ground-breaking eight-part series, filmed over 12 months, award-winning director Chris Terrill not only follows the 50 raw recruits of 924 Troop: he also trains alongside them. From this unique position inside the training troop as well as the front line company, the series provides an intimate insight into the lives and minds of the young men who sign up as novices and are transformed physically and mentally into an elite force. In just eight months, the 50 fresh-faced recruits who arrived at the Royal Marine Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon go through a rite of passage that prepares them for one overriding purpose to engage with the enemy. For those who win their Green Berets to become Royal Marine Commandos also win the right to fight for Queen and country. Both they and their families must now face the reality of war and the horrific possibility of injury and death onh the front line.

Genre: Documentary


Season 1 of Commando On the Front Line

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