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What is Doctor in the House about?
The "Doctor" series follows the misadventures of the Medical personnel at St Swithin's Hospital. the first 2 series entitled "Doctor In the House" sees a group of students trying to achieve the "Doctor" title Inside St Swithin's. This Group was constituted by Michael Upton (Barry Evans), Dick Stuart- Clark (Geoffrey Davies), Paul Collier (George Layton), Duncan Waring (Robin Nedwell), Huw Evans (Martin Shaw), Dave Briddock (Simon Cuff) and Danny Hooley (Jonathan Lynn). The third series Entitled "Doctor At Large sees Robin Nedwell, Martin Shaw, Simon Cuff and Jonathan Lynn out of the series. By this time we get the chance to see Doctor Upton's career as a medical doctor, and the obvious disasters that come with it. Also in that series is Richard O'Sullivan's introduction as Dr. Lawrence Bingham. The 4th and 5th series Entitled "Doctor In Charge" Saw Barry Evans departure from the series, and the return of Robin Nedwell.

Actors: Martin Shaw, John Kane, John Grieve, Ernest Clark, Geoffrey Davies, Simon Cuff, Jacquie-Ann Carr, Andrew Knox, Ralph Michael, Barry Evans, Richard O'Sullivan, Jonathan Lynn, George Layton, Elizabeth Counsell, Bob Todd, Robin Nedwell

Season 1 of Doctor in the House

Season 2 of Doctor in the House

    Episode 13: Finals  

Season 3 of Doctor in the House

Season 4 of Doctor in the House

    Episode 11: The Fox  

Season 5 of Doctor in the House

    Episode 9: The Pool  

Season 6 of Doctor in the House

Season 7 of Doctor in the House

Season 8 of Doctor in the House

Season 9 of Doctor in the House

Season 10 of Doctor in the House

    Episode 3: The VIP  
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