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What is Battlestars about?
Merrill Heatter made a fortune, it seemed, with The Hollywood Squares for nearly fourteen years. But when he traded in those nine squares for six triangles, he got nowhere. Welcome to the Battlestars guide at TV Tome. The format for Battlestars is exactly the same as The Hollywood Squares. Two contestants had to agree or disagree with a celebrity's response to a knowledge question. Instead of picking celebrities by themselves, a contestant was given a random selection of a number from one to ten. Those ten numbers were the vertices (i.e., points) of six triangles. Should a player correctly guess the answer that would put out the final number (or vertex) around the celebrity's triangle, was on his/her way. Three captured stars won a contestant $500 and the right to play a bonus game. If the contestant captured all six stars, it was a $1,000 bonus as well. The bonus game started with the three celebrities the champion captured in the front game. Again the contestan

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