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What is Star Blazers about?
This series, created back in the 1970's is still a popular video and DVD release thirty years later! Now each of the 3 seasons can be bought in 3 sets. Each season featured a season long story along with great characterization and adventure, drama and humor! It is the primary series on which many later anime series are based, and sometimes copied. In fact the 2003 season of Star Trek Enterprise apparently adapted many of the best aspects of this series as both shows feature planet Earth in grave danger, and a single spaceship and its brave crew sent to another part of the cosmos to find a solution to the danger that threatens the very existance of humanity!

Actors: Corinne Orr, Lydia Leeds, Amy Howard, Ken Meseroll, Morgan Lofting, Eddie Allen, Christopher Collins, Earl Hammond
Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction


Season 1 of Star Blazers

Season 2 of Star Blazers

    Episode 2: Blackout  
    Episode 9: Mazor  
    Episode 23:   
    Episode 24:   

Season 3 of Star Blazers

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