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What is Cold Lazarus about?
The year is 2368 and Emma Porlock's team of scientists is on the brink of making history, in more ways than one. They are hopeful of being the first ever to successfully revivify a cryogenically preserved human brain, and by so doing tap into the direct experiences of the remote past: the late Twentieth Century, to be precise. The head they are slowly thawing is that of a writer named Daniel Feeld. The second part of Dennis Potter's valedictory diptych, began with Karaoke (1996), resumes the story 374 years after Daniel Feeld's death.

Actors: Ciaran Hinds, Diane Ladd, Ganiat Kasumu, Carmen Ejogo, Saffron Burrows, Henry Goodman, Grant Masters, Frances De La Tour

Season 1 of Cold Lazarus

    Episode 1: One  
    Episode 2: Two  
    Episode 3: Three  
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