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What is Lab Rats (2008) about?
Somewhere in St Dunstan's University sits the Arnolfini Research Laboratory a lab for hire, meant for flashy projects which will bring the college kudos and money. Unfortunately, the Arnolfini is staffed by what are known in scientific circles as 'idiots'. Lab Rats is a big, daft, cartoony sitcom, filmed before a studio audience. Although set in a laboratory, it is less about science and more an excuse for stupid jokes, endearingly chaotic characters and fast-paced, farcical plots. One week might find the lab rats unexpectedly creating giant, corridor-filling snails, the next week they could be wondering how they've offended Joan Armatrading.

Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Lab Rats (2008)

    Episode 1: A Snail  
    Episode 2: A Donor  
    Episode 4: A Bee  
    Episode 6: A Diary  
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