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What is Hope and Glory about?
Welcome to the Hope and Glory guide at TV Tome. Hope and Glory is a BBC drama set in a 'failing' inner London school, seen though the eyes of the headmaster. The head is Ian St.George, played by Lenny Henry who is a trouble-shooting teacher. He is young yet dynamic and turns down a well-paid, influential government position to save Hope Park Comprehensive School. He realises that the children there needed help far more than he needed a comfortable job. After much soul-searching, he decided the children require him more than the government. This drama series is set in an economically depressed area. The only school, Hope Park Comprehensive is close to closure, due to its poor standards. Hope and Glory also stars Amanda Redman as Debbie Bryan, Clive Russel as Phil Jakes and Lee Warburton as Tony Elliott. The main school in an economically depressed area, Hope Park Comprehensive has been on the verge of closing for years. Things begin to look up when dynamic young Ian George replac

Actors: Lenny Henry, Gillian Kearney, Amanda Redman, Lee Warburton, Rose Omari, Gresby Nash, Philip Whitchurch, Clive Russell, Sara Stephens

Season 1 of Hope and Glory

Season 2 of Hope and Glory

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