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What is The Kid Super Power Hour about?
This show was a Saturday morning cartoon that was made by Filmation Productions and it was a whole hour. It featured two segments, "Shazam!" and "Hero High." "Shazam!" featured a boy named Billy Batson, and whenever he spoke the name "Shazam!", he would transform into a superhero named "Captain Marvel." "He had a twin sister, Mary Batson who could become Mary Marvel by saying "Shazam" and a friend named Freddy Freeman who became Captain Marvel Junior by saying "Captain Marvel" All the powers of six great gods and heroes have been gathered together and placed in the hands of boy broadcaster, Billy Batson. Whenever he says the name of the ancient wizard,"Shazam", he becomes the World's mightiest mortal Captain Marvel! When evil has been defeated, Captain Marvel says the word again to become Billy. So amazing and sudden is the change that most people never realize what has happened. Solomon-Wisdom Hercules- Strength Atlas- stamina Zeus- Power Achilles- Courage

Actors: Christopher Hensel, Jim Greenleaf, Becky Pearle, Burr Middleton, Johnny Venokur, John Berwick, Maylo McCaslin, Jere Fields, Dawn Jeffory, Alan Oppenheimer, Norm Prescott, Barry Gordon

Season 1 of The Kid Super Power Hour

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