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What is The Secret Empire about?
Welcome to The Secret Empire guide at TV Tome. The Secret Empire was a short lived show that aired in 1979. Of the 12 Episodes Produced only 8 aired. The Episodes aired at 8 pm, Thursday on NBC. It was canceled after only 8 episodes. Never given a chance, I have not had the opportunity to see this show because I was only 3 years old at the time, but it seems to me NBC was being as stupid as when the canceled Star Trek. I have inquired as to how to get a copy of the Episodes. If I do, I'll update this section to include more detail's. The Basic's are, our hero is a Marshal in the 1880's who stumbles on a Secret Empire. This Empire is called Chimera, and exisit under the town of Cheyenne. This Empire is lead by the evil Emperor Thorval (Mark Lenard). Mark Lenard, is better known as Sarek from Star Trek. He was a high quality actor whom, from what I know of, would make a great Villain as this show would need.

Actors: Peter Tomarken, Jay Robinson, David Opatoshu, Diana Markoff, Pamela Brüll, Tiger Williams, Mark Lenard, Stepfanie Kramer, Geoffrey Scott, Sean Garrison, Carlene Watkins, Peter Breck

Season 1 of The Secret Empire

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