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What is Phenom about?
Phenom........the little show that could. I completely love this show. It was one of the rare family shows that was actually worth watching in the early '90s. This little gem made its premiere on TV and into our hearts in September of 1993. The show's focus was on Angela Goethals' character, Angela Doolan. She was the tennis player we all wish we could be (well, not really). However, she was good none-the-less. Her pushy coach Lou strives and keeps on her to be the best she can be. Her mother, Dianne Doolan, who is a little flighty but still down to Earth, is the best she can be at being a single mother. Angela also has a flakey brother Brian. He's the sensitive type that you just wanna hug and cuddle with, but don't let him do your homework! Last, but not least, is the little sister, Mary Margaret, who is quick with the tongue sword and puts the "fun" in this dysfunctional family!

Actors: William Devane, Ashley Johnson, Judith Light, Angela Goethals, Todd Louiso, Jennifer Lien

Season 1 of Phenom

    Episode : Organs  
    Episode : Bar  
    Episode : Aspire  
    Episode : Peace  
    Episode 1: Pilot  
    Episode 3: Secrets  
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