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What is Dangerfield about?
Set in the beautiful rural towns of Warwick and Leamington Spa, Dangerfield told of the trials of London police surgeon Dr Paul Dangerfield (Nigel Le Vaillant in his first major role since playing dour Dr Julian Chapman in Casualty) who relocated to Warwickshire following the tragic death of his wife Celia in a car crash. A single parent to teenagers Alison (Lisa Faulkner and Tamzin Malleson) and Marty (Sean Maguire and Tim Vincent), Dangerfield first worked under the watchful eye of Birmingham-born DI Ken Jackson (George Irving) then in Series 3 and 4 was presented with other police bosses including DS Helen Diamond (Nicola Cowper) and DI Frank Dagley (Michael Melia). It wasn't all gloom and doom for widower Dangerfield, however, as he did find time, after a suitable mourning period, to briefly romance feisty barrister Kate Durrani (Kim Vithana) and on a more long-term basis, his medical colleague Dr Joanna Stevens (Amanda Redman). Following his daughter Al's marriage during

Actors: George Irving, Simon Lewis, Amanda Redman, Nigel Havers, Jane Gurnett, Sean Maguire, Tamzin Malleson, Kim Vithana, Tim Vincent, Lisa Faulkner, Nigel Le Vaillant, Nicola Cowper, Michael Melia, Colette Brown
Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Dangerfield

Season 2 of Dangerfield

Season 3 of Dangerfield

    Episode 2: Tricks  
    Episode 3: Treasure  
    Episode 4: Scars  
    Episode 5: Trial  
    Episode 6: Eden  
    Episode 8: Games  

Season 4 of Dangerfield

    Episode 6: Guilt  
    Episode 7: Adam  
    Episode 8: Contact  

Season 5 of Dangerfield

    Episode 7: Paths  
    Episode 8: Angel  

Season 6 of Dangerfield

    Episode 1: Gas Man  
    Episode 2: Instinct  
    Episode 9: Haunted  
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