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What is Peep Show about?
Essentially, a take on the 'odd-couple' sitcom, Peep Show revolves around the lives of two twentysomethings, Mark and Jeremy, who share a flat. Mark is an office worker, with a bleak outlook on life. who obsesses over his co-worker, Sophie. Jeremy in contrast, is a lazy, shallow guy trying to make it in the music industry. A unique twist that immediately sets the show apart form other sitcoms is the use of the first person view point [nb. the original show title was POV], where we get to see from the characters own eyes. We also get to hear internal thoughts and opinions which reveals stuff they wouldn't say out loud.

Actors: Neil Fitzmaurice, Matt King, Robert Webb, Olivia Colman, David Mitchell, Elizabeth Marmur
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Peep Show

    Episode 6: Funeral  

Season 2 of Peep Show

    Episode 6: Wedding  

Season 3 of Peep Show

    Episode 1: Mugging  
    Episode 5: Jurying  

Season 4 of Peep Show

    Episode 3: Gym  
    Episode 4: Handyman  
    Episode 5: Holiday  
    Episode 6: Wedding  

Season 5 of Peep Show

    Episode 1: Burgling  
    Episode 2: Spin War  

Season 6 of Peep Show

    Episode 2: The Test  
    Episode 6: Das Boot  

Season 7 of Peep Show

    Episode 2: Man Jam  
    Episode 3: Mr. Nice  

Season 8 of Peep Show

Season 9 of Peep Show

    Episode : Threeism  
    Episode : Kid Farm  
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